Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Naiad's Grab Bag!

Okay, guys, run-don't-walk to Naiad Soap Arts on Etsy, because Erin has a deal going on right now that is Not To Be Missed. It's a soapy grab bag -- 2 lbs of soap for $10 -- and you will honestly not believe what you get in this thing. ^_^ I got eleven different kinds of soap:

all of which I am ridiculously excited about trying!

Naiad is my favorite soap shop on Etsy by a long shot. I'm so excited to get to try so many different kinds of soap! (It's all I can do not to convo her with "So, um, how many of these do you have left? And can I get, like, all of them?" But I really ought to leave some soap for other people! :D)